Well, I’m officially registered for this obedience class! Yay me! The exact title is “Basic Obedience for the Personal Protection Dog.” I really like the setup of this class. It’s six weeks of obedience with a heavy focus on protection work…so, building upon existing drive and some different commands/skills necessary. The class has up to ten dogs total which is the perfect atmosphere for Jasmine.

Let’s talk money.

I’m not a cheap person by any means, and I spend a lot of money spoiling my dogs. But just because I likey to spendy the money doesn’t mean I’m going to waste it or be reckless with cash. I was absolutely shocked—and pleasantly surprised—when I learned that the price for this obedience class is $120 for six weeks. Like, are you FREAKING KIDDING ME?! That’s unheard of in Boise, Idaho!

To put this into perspective:

  • Private Trainer: $500-$800 for (6-8) 1-hr sessions at the trainer’s house or my own home.
  • Private Training Company: $800 for (3) 1-hr sessions OR $1300 for (12) 1-hr sessions.
  • Day Training Company: $1600 for (3) 1-day sessions OR $3000 for (7) 1-day sessions.

If you’re looking for a doggie trainer, don’t assume that high prices are directly proportional to quality. The people who asked me for $3000 didn’t even know German commands and conned me to drive all the way out to their facility before even discussing prices with me—and they wouldn’t let me sit in on a training session. Yeaaah thank u, next.

As for Jasmine, right now she’s doing really well. It’s me who needs the training…

We went for a bike ride yesterday right next to a construction site with tons of people and distractions. I survived. She didn’t pull me around like I thought she would…like, at all.

And today, she helped me practice my German commands.

I’d say we’re making huge progress.