Jasmine was severely underweight when I first brought her home.

Ugg. I’ve been hesitant to write this post because I don’t want anyone to think Jasmine’s previous owners abused her (because that exact thought has crossed my mind, and I feel bad for thinking that way)…I’d like to give them the benefit of the doubt here, but it’s hard. I can’t help but think maybe they skinnied her up before transport to make shipping cheaper—I have no idea! But I had been told she weighed 68-70 lbs when I first met her (which is her ideal weight), yet her thick fur had been sucked through the divots of her individual ribs. I was scared to pat her on the chest because it was like running my fingers across the wooden balusters of my staircase.

It was obvious to me that she had been kenneled for most of her life. People had told me that she had amazing courage for being only 2-1/2 years old. Give me a BREAK. Fire hydrants scare her as well as those little yellow children figurines people put out on their lawns that read “SLOW! CHILDREN AT PLAY.”

Now that she’s with me, I try hard not to think about what she’s been through in the past. I just hope that her previous owners tried to give her the best life they could. “The best” may just mean something a little different to me. Whatever past life she lived, I have learned that it’s very different than what she has now.

In terms of her weight, she had gained a little bit of weight between the time I had met her and the time I picked her up. Maybe the weight loss was from the stress of being shipped overseas (which I doubt), maybe she missed her owners (which I also doubt since her nose was completely raw from trying to escape her crate, i.e. her permanent home). Either way, she was skinny. When I picked her up to bring her home, she was only 54 lbs…I don’t even want to know how much she really weighed the day I met her in March.

16 lbs underweight. Gah.

I know some German shepherds that are healthy at this weight, but have you seen the pictures of Jasmine? She’s HUGE. She has an enormous bone structure. So yah, 54 lbs wasn’t going to cut it.

I have transitioned to her a mixed raw and dry food diet. So lots of nutrients from raw meat and meaty bones, veggies, carbs, etc. and I mix that with Taste of the Wild dry food (in my opinion, the best dry food of all time). She essentially eats what I do, but the raw version of it mixed with doggie food. I’m a firm believer in raw food diets if the meat is prepared and cleaned properly, but I also see the benefit of dry foods. So this is the best of both worlds. And, yes, it’s expensive to feed my dogs prime rib, but just lemme do me y’allz.

Since April 19th, Jasmine has gained 12 lbs. Her ribs are slowly disappearing, and her coat looks amazing. I mean, she hardly sheds (granted, I comb her like a fiend for 3 hours a week), she’s sleeping better, and she’s very alert and focused when we train. *Tears* I am so proud of her!

When she’s at her ideal weight, I’ll show you all the before and after pictures so you can see her progress. <3