May 18th was Jasmine’s first legit class with the Dog Whisperer.

He’s as intimidating as the last time I saw him. I’m glad I brought my sunglasses today so he wouldn’t notice me staring at his shoes. But unfortunately, he talked to me, so I just stared at his ear like I do with my optometrist. Inevitably, I was forced to muster up some garbled nonsense in hopes that it made sense.

While I wanted to crawl into a gopher hole and smother myself, Jasmine seemed to adore the DW! I don’t know why because I was dressed in a totally cute outfit, and the DW wore mostly black and gray. I’m sorry, but I’m just awkwardly shy in person. And no one gets my dry sense of humor, so I just don’t talk. Also, I really don’t want to exceed my daily word quota of 300.

Jasmine just waited on his every word. Dog Whisperer, indeed. I seem to have picked a very applicable pseudonym for him.

I’m going to totally botch the names of these dogs, but here we go. My class is composed of:

  • Misha?
  • Jasmine
  • Thor
  • One girl was missing
  • Memphis
  • And my GGGAWD I can’t remember the names of the other two

My class has a diverse set of people. And the dogs all have different skills with the exception of one that just wants to sleep. And Jasmine keeps staring at Thor. It is weird.

Today, we did introductions, went one at a time and demonstrated obedience, and then the DW evaluated the dogs to see what each needed work on. I’m relieved that Jasmine sat on command. I’m very, very happy with her, and I am probably going to get her a Happy Meal on the way home.

Essentially, the Dog Whisperer said we are going to transition from a rag, to a jute toy, to a bite pillow, then a bite sleeve? I don’t know what these are, but Jasmine is not at any stage at this point. She did like to play with the rag when the DW flung it around. But other than that, she just looked at me like she was thoroughly confused.


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