DW’s Second Obedience Class

The Dog Whisperer seriously doesn’t wear any bright colors. The only time I’ve ever seen him in anything that depicted life was the day I met him, and he still glowered at me.

Today was no different. I kept my eyes on his—you guessed it—black shoes and Jasmine did everything he said.

One of my old coworkers came to support me through this. She had been with me through the entire sexual harassment thing at work and played a big part in helping me get over that. Once that dude was fired, working there just wasn’t the same, and she was my rock. I would toss her an occasional glance and she’d give me nods of encouragement.

I’m really starting to fall in love with Memphis, this GSD owned by an adorably cute blonde. Really, she has fantastic hair (I’m referring to the dog’s owner here). I went blonde once and looked like a member of NSync. Memphis can’t be older than 1, and she’s just so beautiful.

I also think Jasmine has a crush on Thor. Thor is pretty much what you’d think just by the name…big, dark, and handsome. I have a feeling Jasmine is going to go into heat soon. Yikes, that would be bad. She just stares at Thor like she wants his puppies, and I just try to keep her on the opposite side of the field from him.

In class today, we worked on rewarding our dogs with the tugs. This was just laughable because Jasmine stared at Thor the entire class. I mean, I can’t blame her. He’s athletic, strong, intelligent…

But please, Jasmine, could you have given me one good bite on the tug toy?


Enter stage right: the Dog Whisperer saw my struggles. Obviously. Because I’m awkward and I stick out like a sore thumb no matter how far away I distance myself from the group.

Ha! But get this. As soon as he walked up to us, he reached for Jasmine’s tug and she was instantly engaged. I think the DW’s dark wardrobe reminds her of Thor. At least that’s my justification behind why she likes the Dog Whisperer more than me. Like, what the heck.

Also, the DW told me that Jasmine will mirror my enthusiasm. What, don’t I look enthused? ? My dog is interested in everything except me! At home I don’t have this problem because I can bribe her into submission, but in public she has performance anxiety.

I’m starting to get annoyed. First of all, he can do what I can’t—communicate with my dog. And second of all, I’m jealous my dog likes him more than me. I’m not a competitive person by any means, even though I did multiple collegiate sports and I don’t want people to laugh at my inability to train Jasmine, but I’m annoyed with this CLASS and all the dogs that are adorable and perfect. And most of all, I’m just annoyed with myself because I spend hours every day working with Jasmine because I haven’t had her for very long, and she doesn’t seem interested in me.

Sigh. But I know she can do this, and I’m just going to have to suck up my pride and continue to listen to the DW. He’s always been in my corner, and maybe I’m just over analyzing it and she’s doing…dare I say “okay”?

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