DW’s Fourth Obedience Class

I’ve had Jasmine for 7 weeks now. That’s crazy.

As for training, Jasmine and I missed the third week of class. She was vomiting up the entire contents of her stomach, so we stayed home and she slept.

Good news, though! She’s actually playing with the tug toy now!

She doesn’t prefer it as a reward system (yet) but I have hope. I feel like she’s a little behind where she needs to be in terms of drive, but I’m just going to continue working on it. I’m not angry at life anymore now that I’ve had a week to brew and realize that Jazz and I aren’t going to get better until we get past this communication issue we have in public.

In today’s class, we did bite work on a sleeve!

On a side note, I’ve been getting a lot of emails about the DW lately. I need to read through them all. This is honestly why I don’t allow comments on the website anymore because you all are completely bonkers. But considering my inbox is full every. single. day. I think it’s time I allow comments on the site again so y’allz don’t email me!

To appease you all, I strapped my Go-Pro on Jazz’s harness so you could see class in action.

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