DW’s Fifth Obedience Class

The dogs were NUTS today. Literally nuts.

And Jasmine’s in heat. Ugg. I don’t know if I should have brought her to class because she was incredibly inattentive and, yet again, she drooled and panted over Thor. I’m sure she was just being annoying to the other dogs as well. I’m sorry, guys…

The Dog Whisperer went around with the sleeves again and evaluated everyone’s performance. I managed to not make eye contact with him. Finding ways to avoid his gaze is getting much easier. I’ve moved up from his shoes to past his shoulder.

And I got all y’allz emails asking what the DW’s eye color is, and I’m sorry, but I mean it when I say I spend most of my time just trying to survive the class. I’m so incredibly bloated, Jasmine has the drive equivalent to that of a sloth, and the DW is a good two heads taller than me. So you’re all out of luck. I’m going to guess…brown?

The Dog Whisperer said Thor and Jasmine had the lowest drive. How considerate of the DW to group them together. How about he put Thor at the end of that leash and THROW HIM AT HER! That would have done the trick.

Thor’s mom is also a stunning blonde, btw. Like, seriously, these women have really awesome hair.

At least the DW clumped Thor and Jazz in the same lowly category. Even though I know that Jazz’s drive is the lowest in the class, I’m starting to recognize when the DW is being truthful yet courteous with his words. I’m grateful for that because I’ve put so much work into Jasmine that I’d cry even if he complimented me. He’s considerate of our emotions (and believe me, my emotions are all over the place right now).

There’s this dog in the class, Nika, and she’s super energetic. I don’t know if Jazz will ever get to that level of enthusiasm…

Jasmine has always been kind of in the bottom of the group in terms of drive. She’s lethargic (just like me, apparently!). I’m thankful I have two weeks to work with her until her final evaluation. By the end of this, as long as she can protect me from some rando harasser, I’ll be happy. And the DW is starting to convince me that we can do it. Even though he seems compassionate toward his students and their dogs, he’s definitely not one to stroke someone’s ego. So when he told me that we can continue to work and see where we can take Jasmine (even though she might not ever be able to do the advanced stuff), that meant a lot to me.

And what’s this talk about advanced stuff lol? Like, jump across the Boise River in Star to defend their owners? I don’t even know if sis can swim, although she inhales water like a hippo.

In today’s class, we heeled and followed a pattern around some cones. Jesus. Jasmine did that thing again…the cone was more interesting than me. Orange is her favorite color, too, so from my peripheral when I saw the DW whip those cones out, my heart sank. And the one thing that could pull her attention away from Thor was, of course, the Dog Whisperer carrying those freaking CONES.

I wanted to cry when she tried to eat them during her rotation. Then I got another sermon from the DW about how my energy level is being projected onto her. It’s not like I wanted to eat the cones, too!

After seeing her completely distracted today, I’m going to work with her vigorously until her evaluation. Longer training sessions, more training sessions…it’s going to happen. And I’m also going to continue experimenting with different Chanel perfumes because Jasmine loves Chanel. I bathe her every week and she can’t wait to douse herself in that delicious juju. So I’ll douse her TWICE! Whatever it takes.

So, here starts my 2-week intensive drive-building session with Jasmine. I’m going to sew a flamingo head onto her tug toy, I’m going to taunt her with her favorite ball tug, I’m going to do anything and everything to get her drive up. Since we don’t have class next week, I’ll be spared further embarrassment and Jazz will be out of heat by then.

But mark your calendars for June 29th because that’s the date of her final evaluation to pass this class and get into the full protection course.

We got this, sister.

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