Welcome back from a week of website maintenance! Although, that didn’t seem to deter you all from finding other ways of entertaining yourselves…and you know exactly what I’m talking about. If you need a hint: it starts with a D and ends with a W.

I’m very impressed you all found out who the Dog Whisperer is.

That’s serious determination. I’m happy I described his brooding ways so accurately you managed to find him in an Instagram video. You even stalked Memphis—she’s adorable, right? Happy 1st birthday, Memphis!

I have to admit that a blanket of fear smothered me when I initially read all of your comments on the DW’s Instagram page because I really didn’t know how he was going to react. I mean, no big deal, but I’ve been writing about his classes without him knowing.

I’m excited to formally announce that the DW is Blue Line K9. But you already knew that.

A-a-and yes, the DW was wearing his infamous dark clothing.

Since Jasmine is pretty much obsessed with the DW, I knew that if I had to keep her attention today, I needed to look like this man as much as possible. So I wore black, too! We were 100% twinsies today.

Do you see that thumb’s up? I squealed!

Today was our class’s final evaluations. Thank you all for the emails and messages this past week! Your support is awesome, and I’m so happy you’ve decided to join me on this adventure. Working with Jasmine has been wild, and she’s really a different dog now than 7 weeks ago.

The first portion of the evaluation was obedience. Those godawful cones you know I love were set up like freaking Tetris blocks. I was really nervous, which was obvious in my RBF. And I felt added pressure because I had spent hours baking Jasmine a “congratulations” cake.

What was I going to do…scrape off the top and write “you tried”? Jasmine would have been heartbroken. Now that I know she’s not mute (or deaf), I’m convinced she can read, too. So failure wasn’t an option.

The obedience portion was 90-ish feet (or paces?) of heeling around these labyrinth of cones, a turn, a sit/down, a stay, walk about 15 paces, a recall, then playing with the tug.

It was lo-o-ong, and I couldn’t even count my paces to the next cone because of my tunnel vision and permanent worry that Jasmine would find the cones more interesting than me like last time. I had been practicing with her for the past 2 weeks, and I even stuffed dog snacks down my shirt, but who knows what’s going to happen when Thor and the DW are around.

But…Jasmine did it! She was tempted to eat a cone, but she looked at me like how she looks at the DW. It feels amazing knowing my wardrobe choice was en pointe.

The second portion of the evaluation was to test drive/bite/tug.

My heart is full. All of the dogs did so well! And Jasmine and I are going to progress into the full protection course offered by the DW and Blue Line K9.

Congratulations to my girls in the class! We did it! I’ll see you all in class on July 13th!

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