It was blistering hot outside, and I was the only one who wore a long-sleeved shirt. 😁 Teenagers pranced along the trails at the park toward the river and shook their heads in horror like they witnessed me twirling nude under a full moon.

Nude? I don’t know about that…but you bet your bum I twirled.

To give myself *some* credit, it’s a sun shirt—dur. And I was very comfortable thankyouverymuch. So keep your opinions about my wardrobe to yourself! DW’s wardrobe surprised me today. I learned that the spectrum of his attire also includes camouflage and tactical gray.

I don’t know how he manages to bend air to make these dogs do whatever he wants. I asphyxiated the urge to be jealous and/or annoyed with him.

As you all know, today was the first day of Blue Line K9’s Personal Protection Dog course! Jasmine survived the DW as well as the heat. She lived the life of luxury in her air-conditioned vehicle retreat, i.e. the truck.

Today consisted of Thor, Memphis, Nika, Jasmine, and…Sam’s dog…ayeee why don’t I remember her name?!

Today wasn’t as petrifying as I thought it’d be. Jasmine only ignored me twice. 🤸 And Jasmine really seemed to miss Memphis, her bff in the class.



We started with DW’s infamous intro. This time, he wrote out the day’s itinerary on a white board. He said there were typos, but honestly, I haven’t gotten my new contacts yet so everything was just a wild blur. So yeah, no direct eye contact with DW today because I couldn’t tell where his eyes were.

I prayed to the doggie Universe that DW would maneuver me around like a puppet and tell me what to do because I was B-L-I-N-D. Sure enough, that man never lets me down. When we started the day with obedience, DW took the dogs out one at a time and instructed me and Jasmine exactly where to turn, heel, stop, and sit. I have no idea if cones had been laid out or if was walking aimlessly in a field.

Had DW been telling me what to do because he knew I was struggling with walking in a straight line, or was he just demanding me around because that’s what a drill sergeant does?

I’m going to give myself the benefit of the doubt and assume it’s the latter.



Oh hey, I guess there were cones on the field! My bad haha.

Jasmine got bored of me near the end of our obedience segment, but DW managed to snap her out of it because she loves him about as much as she adores Thor.

After individual obedience, we did group obedience. Jasmine was distracted. She’s not particularly fond of her tug toy unless it’s in DW’s hands. I even had some prime rib stuffed down the center of my bra, so at least her nose was aimed in my general direction.

DW’s apprentice—that’s what I’m going to call him—wore the sleeve for most of today so DW could instruct. He’s Echo’s handler, if you’ve been following my ramblings in other posts and on social media. We did a few different exercises where we sent the dogs out after different numbers of barks, bite/release/bite, and then tied the pups up to a tree (which was Jasmine’s favorite).



So today went rather well! As you can see from the pics and video, there are a lot of people dispersed all over the place in class. Some of you asked me if training is relatively confined. It is…but it isn’t. I mean, DW was frolicking around instructing, Jasmine was preoccupied with the opposite sex, and I was just trying to control my double vision.



Don’t mind that hole in DW’s shirt. He had been Wolverined by one of the canines today.

I’m also really excited to announce that I’ve written an article for IDAHO Magazine! It will be published in the September edition, and it’s about Jasmine’s transformation from a lazy tulip-munching fiend to a sort-of-fierce lioness with the help of DW.

We had a little photoshoot with Stephanie Tsuneko and she captured some nice shots of Jazz and DW. Naturally, I didn’t want to be in any photos because I’m awkward, but I guess I like putting myself in awkward situations…because I’m in most of them.

So keep an eye out for that 😉



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