The most memorable part of today was watching DW get in and out of the bite suit jacket. Him finagling with that bulky thing sang to my soul.

Look at that eye contact! I don’t know if my camera in his face is equivalent to “eye contact,” but that’s what I’m going to tell people. In the parallel universe where everything goes my way, I did exceptionally well today, guys!

Jasmine and I have officially been together for 3 months. It’s beyond crazy to me how far we’ve come as a team thanks to the Dog Whisperer and Blue Line K9. Everyone on the field is so nice and giving. I haven’t had to set up my own tent for weeks now because the guys are pure gentlemen!

What can I say? I wasn’t built for labor. 😬

In today’s class, there was a mix of canines from the certification course and maintenance training. A lot of you have asked what’s after the 12-week course, and once Jasmine and her doggie buddies get certified, it doesn’t end there. We’ll meet with DW to continue practicing, advancing, and refining our skills. So that’s what I mean when I say “maintenance.”

We began class with individual obedience for the less experienced dogs. Yay team Jazz! There were no cones today which worked in our favor—I’m not scared that Jasmine will attempt to swallow them whole anymore, now I’m just terrified I will stumble over them and barrel roll into the grass. Right now I have everyone fooled to believe that I’m not completely incapable of normal day-to-day tasks (like walking), and I’d like to keep it that way.

After the puppet master and I did our usual obedience routine, he instructed me to put Jasmine in a down and step over her. Jasmine didn’t like that at all. We must have done this for five minutes until Jasmine finally let me straddle her. Maybe someday she’ll let me ride her like a pony. That would be cool.

DW really surprised me today. I’m convinced he was a geometry teacher in a past life because I actually understood what came out of his mouth this morning. You all know me and my addiction to mathematics, and I know for a fact I didn’t misinterpret him during the obedience portion. I was waiting for him to frolic to his white board and write an equation for Jasmine’s movement as a function of earth’s rotation. As much as I know he wanted to, he resisted the urge to completely geek out.

If I understood him correctly—and I know I did—apparently I don’t know how to make 90-degree turns.

He was very adamant about me needing to make my turns sharper. I’m only a 60-degree turner according to DW, and he gave me a mouthful for it. By the end of our obedience segment I was dizzy, disoriented, and the snacks stuffed in the crevices of my body to keep Jasmine’s attention were soggy.

After individual obedience, we had group obedience. Drill Sergeant DW didn’t hold back today. He lined us up like cattle and herded us around the field. Right turns, left turns, weaving in-between each other… I tried to take a video of his orchestrations, but was unsuccessful. I did, however, catch me mumbling to myself (because that’s what grown women do when a man tells them how to walk).



I’m starting to understand why people ask me if I’m okay during class.




The second half of class was bite work. The senior dogs did advanced drills as Jasmine slept with her toys in her crate. Then the junior dogs (us newbies) got to take a stab at DW and learn some new things, one being the recall drill.

Here is a video of one of the senior-level dogs doing a proper recall without a lead, i.e. calling the dog back after being sent out.



Jasmine will someday be able to do this if she stops acting desperate around Thor. Below is another video of a senior dog but with a long lead (what Jazz and I attempted today).



A-a-and what you all have been waiting for: a video of me and Jasmine trying to do the same thing. LOLZ



She’s making progress! We have a lot to work on this next week. I need to channel my inner DeeDub and engage Jasmine like a boss. I can’t keep shoving food in my clothes in hopes that she’ll want to play with me. You can’t really tell in the last video, but she wants nothing to do with her orange tug. Maybe it needs to be black.

I don’t entirely think Jasmine trusts me yet, but I can’t let her feed off my awkward juju. We’re getting there, but I don’t know what she had experienced in her life before we found each other. So I’ll continue being patient and suffer through my ongoing anxiety because she likes the Dog Whisperer more than me.



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