I think I need pants with pockets. That’s what the Dog Whisperer told me, anyway. 😝

But he’s right, I don’t know if I can keep stuffing tug toys and doggie treats in the extra folds of my clothes anymore because the toys and treats seem to be getting bigger and bigger. I’m happy to say that during the new moon, I conducted a sacrificial ritual and burned one of Jasmine’s tugs. Gawd, it was freeing. Jasmine was so happy to see that thing in flames.

I should have burned all of them because this weekend I had a 3”x8” tug toy slide from the waistband of my yoga pants down to the bend of my knee. And I had to walk around like that until the break, which wasn’t for another ten minutes. How the heck was I supposed to retrieve that without looking like a fool? If you have any advice for the future, pray tell and help a sister out. Then I had a ball toy jammed into the socket of my right armpit as well as Jasmine’s snacks stuffed in my shirt.

At this point, I have two options: invest in real pants with pockets, or wear a fanny pack.

Even though the DW thinks pockets are legit, I’d rather wear a fanny pack than give up my yoga pants. I’m apologizing in advance to anyone who has to witness the sight of me next weekend. I think fanny packs are so adorable, so I have no regrets about this decision.

We had 8 canines on the field since the junior and senior-level dogs were together again. I’m proud of my girl during the obedience portion! Group obedience is usually pretty hard for her because she either wants to play with Memphis or act like a desperate harlot around Thor. She only sniffed the dirt once as we weaved in between the other dogs and marched around like we somewhat knew what we were doing. And hey—on the topic of obedience, Jasmine and I hiked 10 miles and she did the entire thing off leash. I want to say it’s just because she forgot she wasn’t latched onto me, but let’s be honest, it was the DW’s magic. She may not like obedience drills during class, but that witchcraft is working.

We were *supposed* to be engaged while the senior dogs did drills, but Jasmine took a nap until it was her time to get a few bites in. The DW had me wait for her to bark four, six, and then eight consecutive times before giving her a bite. My girl sang her sweet song for the Dog Whisperer. I was surprised she could do that because she’s not vocal at all when we’re at home, except when I’m mowing the lawn and she tries to attack the mower—oooo dangerous—that’s my girl alright. 😬

The puppet master maneuvered me back and forth with Jasmine in my wake. We paced to and fro again and again (…and again) until he instructed me to let Jasmine chase him.

Chase him. Lol. I’m sorry but I was expecting him to say something fierce like, “When I tell you to, unleash her on me,” or “let her tear me to shreds!”

Hearing the DW ask me to let Jasmine chase him made me giggle. I’m old fashioned. Jasmine and I don’t chase men. This weekend was apparently the exception. 🤣

We’re 33.33% through the PPD course! Only the DW knows what’s in store for us next week, but Jazz and I will be ready. Fanny pack and all.



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