PPD Certification: Week 5

I’m not usually an anxious person, but dog training is really forcing me to accept the fact that: 1) I can’t walk in a straight line; 2) I run like a t-rex; and 3) my “here” sounds like “heel.”

In fact, my “here” sounds so much like “heel” that when we practiced recall drills at the end of class this weekend, I sent Jasmine after DW like the fierce team we are and she ran toward him—Gaawd this is where it gets good—when I called her off the bite and to come back to me, she didn’t come. Instead, she sat in front of DW. Then she heeled. next. to. him.

The DW was supposed to be my ATTACKER and my *protection dog* heeled for him! I couldn’t read the Dog Whisperer’s expression under his samurai hat, but I’m certain he knows Jasmine loves him more than she loves me.

You know, he could have done me a favor and told her to skip back to me—she would have done it in a heartbeat. But for some reason, the Dog Whisperer thinks helping me train Jasmine the correct way is more important than my pride.

I’m just going to live in denial and say that she chose to stare at DW’s face rather than spring back to me because she was grumpy that I forgot her fanny pack of snacks at home. I had absolutely nowhere to stuff Jasmine’s food and toys during class.

I managed to improvise without the fanny pack, but my efforts to latch her toys to my body still didn’t pull her attention off the DW.

Let me introduce you all to the shower curtain hook.

Don’t mind all the dirt and grass on me.

Before you judge my makeshift tug toy holder, this was not my hook. I tote a wide variety of tools in my purse, but I don’t often carry around bathroom hardware with me. But I’m really, really happy that someone else did. I clasped that thing to my pants without even thinking. Against popular belief, I’m a natural decision maker. This is the definition of a good leader, my friends. If only Jasmine would follow my lead and not the Dog Whisperer’s…

The itinerary for the weekend was:

  • Off-Leash Obedience
  • Group Obedience
  • Double Sleeve Bites
  • Running Bites
  • Handler Protection
  • Recall Drills

Jasmine’s obedience was pretty good other than the fact that she heeled for my attacker and not me. And I honestly dread group obedience because I have this phobia that Jasmine is going to forget her name similar to how I forget mine.

Below is a video of Jasmine, the DeeDub, and one of his helpers doing double sleeve work.

Jasmine looks awesome!!

I’m starting to realize that I run like I was homeschooled, though…

At least for the handler protection exercise, I didn’t have to chase after anyone—DW came to us. He essentially circled us twice and then lunged for me. As you can see, Jasmine’s response time was much faster than mine. Another thing I need to work on, apparently, haha. In the moment, I honestly felt like I was one step ahead of her, but whenever I watch the video back, she’s halfway to DW before I can react. If you’re wondering what that orange thing is hanging out of my waistband, that’s another one of Jasmine’s toys.

And finally, the recall drill where Jasmine stops to admire her favorite human.

It’s crazy looking back to videos of where Jasmine and I started versus where we are now. We’ve come so far in just a few months, and I can’t wait to see where we will be in seven weeks when we have our final evaluation. I just hope that by then Jasmine will adore me more than the DW.

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