PPD Certification: Week 6

We didn’t start off class very well, considering I didn’t get the memo we were meeting at a different location. I hung out at the park…all by myself…feeling awesome because I was early. Oops.

So we showed up late. And you all know me and my anxiety when I show up late…

The DW asked us to join the lineup of other dogs as we frolicked around in formation. In the moment, I really can’t think or understand what he says. I just try to move around unnoticed and avoid ALL eye contact. He’s becoming quite the choreographer, though. It’s like a canine art form. Jazz and I wove in and out of the other dogs with ease during group obedience.

While scripted movements weren’t a struggle, everything I had to do on my own sure was. Jazz and I continued our trend of being on a completely different page than everyone else when I told Jasmine “no” in class and she flopped on her back expecting me to rub her belly.

But on a good note, she had her first bite on the fluffy bite suit! I’m so proud of my girl. And considering we were a wee bit off our game, Jasmine and I are actually getting good at obedience. I’m partially doing better at listening to the Dog Whisperer’s commands, and Jasmine is getting better at listening to me. Oh—except that time when I called her to me, and she went to the Dog Whisperer instead. Yeah, that happened this weekend.

Not including our flaws, we were perfect!

Honestly, it’s hard to not compare Jasmine to the other canines. I *know* I’m not supposed to do this, but I can’t help it especially when the senior dogs are mixed in with us junior-level dogs. We all have different strengths and excel at varying things, but Jasmine’s recall while she’s mid chase has never been that good…and it’s showing now. It was like a punch to the gut when she didn’t come to me when called (she only came to me when the DW told her to…ugg). My pride! My dignity! I was Napoleon Bonaparte, and last weekend was the Battle of Waterloo. Ergo, I was SLAIN by the Dog Whisperer.

Jasmine and I have been together for just over 3 months, and I know that’s been a big hurdle for us to climb, so we’re just going to have to work even harder to make sure she’s ready for her final evaluation in 6 weeks.

We’re halfway there!

Even though Jasmine occasionally ignores me, in one of the obedience drills she actually came to me! Yippee! I don’t have video proof of this. Shame on me. This was a “here” race between her and Thor. I know, it was very brave of the Dog Whisperer to pair these two together. Jasmine lost, but does that really surprise you? And Thor even had a sore foot! It was wrapped up and everything. I’m convinced she just wanted to admire the view from last place. That’s my girl.

Entering into agitation work, we started off with straight bites.

Look at her go!

Next, we worked on recalls. While Jasmine and I are still working on her flawless recall, she did come halfway back to me before sniffing something in the grass. Halfway is better than no way, am I right? She did it!!

This would work so much better if I had something to entice her with. Food and toys only get her so excited before Her Highness demands something else. I’m just going to have to get really creative these next few weeks and find unique ways to reward her so she doesn’t get bored of me, her tug toy, and everything else around her (excluding the DW).

The good juju was missing this week, but Jazz and I will be sure to find some by next Saturday.

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