PPD Certification: Week 7 (5 weeks left!!)

I used to think I was coordinated, witty, well-informed, and wickedly clever. And then I started spending time with other people. My self-image has practically evaporated. I pretty much spend all week building upon my perfection only to be kicked off my pedestal of awesomeness on Saturday training sessions.

For some reason, when I step on the training field, I lose my ability to USE MY BRAIN. Today during handler protection (where the Dog Whisperer played the bad guy and I was supposed to act like a strong individual who can protect myself), I kind of forgot what I was doing and merely mirrored everything he said.

Let me break it down for you on a particle level. After the DW threw a stick at me, this is what went down:

DW: “Hi!”

Me: “Hi?”

DW: “Why you walkin’ away?”

Me: “…”

DW: “I just want to pet your dog!”

Ugg. Me: “I just want to pet…YOUR dog!”

I know. And just when you thought I couldn’t get any worse.

I’m really hoping he couldn’t hear me. Like, REALLY hoping. When we have to act out these scenes, I don’t often show myself in a good light. I think I recovered pretty well, though. I followed up with a giggle and a “Ooo, my dog is gonna bite you!”

I also got a solid “stop” in there that I’m very proud of. Today was a good day, y’allz. Jasmine was a wonderful protector until the recall drills.

You know what my problem is? (Other than the obvious.) I tear myself down because of one unsuccessful drill. I have vowed to stop doing this. I mean, last weekend I was wretched, and Jasmine and I couldn’t do anything right—so I feel like my emotions were justified then. But this weekend, Jasmine and I only botched one thing. While it doesn’t help my chronic anxiety, I’m learning to go with the flow per the advice of the DW.

Not too shabby for going with the flow, eh? BTW, in the last video, the DW is not taking a phone call mid-exercise (LOL) although that would have been really awesome. We did bites on the suit jacket, leg bites, and the DW managed to keep me thoroughly confused and Jasmine incredibly engaged.

Jasmine’s BFF 4eva was back on the field as well. I have a little video of Memphis attempting the same recall drill as Jazz, and I’m trying very hard not to compare the girls’ performances, so I’ll let you be the judge instead…

I say Jasmine won.

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