PPD Certification: Week 8

Guys. GUYS! Jasmine came to me! We’ve been working on this recall for weeks, and she finally did it!

The video is not in slow motion, btw. She just runs like that.

And that’s what a running sloth looks like! Because of past performances, I was terrified for this drill, but Country Hippie and I practiced the recall in front of Jazz so she could mentally prepare and actually visualize what she needed to do for me.

I know what you’re thinking, and it’s okay to have these feelings⁠—you wish you were me. While Jasmine’s recalls are still in the works, her favorite exercise this weekend was the double sleeve drill.

After this drill, though, she just wanted to sleep. That’s when we as a team fell off the deep end. Thank the laaawd we didn’t have role play during handler protection, because you all know how much I thrive at that. I can’t even fathom the possible outcomes… At least DeeDub was generous and gave us a preview of what the final obedience routine will look like so we could prepare. Surprise, Jazz and I were sloppy during the test run. The routine at the higher speeds was just horrific, but it became less embarrassing when the DW asked us to go s-l-o-w. We’re the trudging type, so I knew my girl wouldn’t disappoint me there. We didn’t do half bad!

And during the super long down across the field, she and her BFF 4ever (Memphis) SLAYED. Except I think Jasmine forgot what she was doing, which is why she stayed across the field for so long… Or she was waiting for the DW to tell her what to do.

The DW says that we will have peaks and valleys during training, and that all of the dogs were a little bit off, but for me and Jasmine it was like diving into Hell’s Canyon with no way back up. We had a few good moments and many, many awkward ones. And while I know we have a lot of work to do, JASMINE DID A RECALL! I’m just over the moon!

Our lack of prowess and strength the rest of the day was because of the black moon and the fact that my girl is connected to the cosmos. She just wanted to go back into a state of meditation to give thanks to the Universe for her awesomeness. I wholeheartedly support her.

This protection class is really testing my emotional stability. Usually I beat myself up over feeble performances, but JAZZ FINALLY DID A RECALL! This weekend we just shared a box of cookies, finished my next book, and watched romance movies on Lifetime.

And how can I be upset when Jasmine made the cover of IDAHO Magazine’s September edition?!

This was such a fun article to write featuring Jacob Fowler from Blue Line K9, aka the Dog Whisperer. Be sure to grab your copy in local bookstores, markets, etc. If you aren’t an Idahoan, you can order a digital or print copy here!

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