PPD Certification: Two Weeks Left!

THANK YOU, my sweet friends, for supporting Jasmine and getting copies of IDAHO Magazine! The emails, comments, and DMs are overwhelming. I love you all so much. There will be more on Jasmine in future publications, but y’allz already know you can find that juju here first ?

My sweet tulip-munching beast is getting closer to her evaluation! ? September 28th. Has it already been nine weeks? The countdown is on, and my anxiety is exponentially skyrocketing. This may or may not surprise you, but I’m totally stressed out about it.

Stress is *usually* my favorite emotion, but I’m so nervous for my girl! Everyone in the class has invested their souls into this process, and it would be heartbreaking if I let her down at the end of the month.

I wish this weekend had been the evaluations because we were awesome. I don’t say this very often because I’m super critical of us, and we always mess something up, but—oh no—not this weekend! I pranced around the field with strategic finesse and Jasmine trotted effortlessly in my wake. No big deal, but I can walk in a straight line now.

And! AND!! I made direct eye contact with the DW! Yes, you read that right. I even spoke in coherent sentences, thankyouverymuch. They were short sentences because the man still scares the sense out of me, but your girl did it! No sunglasses to hide my crossed eyes. No “accidentally” forgetting to wear my contacts and attempting to follow the sound of his voice. I am proud to say that I am becoming less of an invalid with every passing day.

And as a result of my awesomeness, Jasmine SLAYED. All of the dogs did so well especially compared to last weekend.

When I sent her out for a bite and called her back to me, she slithered to me like an earthworm, but she’s officially come back to me two weeks in a row now! Coincidence? I dunna think so. Jazz is finally getting the hang of these drills. She still doesn’t fawn over me like she does the DW, but I’ve matured significantly over the past few days and I’m not annoyed like I used to be—I’ve accepted the fact that the DW can’t cure his disease that makes all animals obsess over him. It would be mean of me to be irritated at him for something he can’t change.

Jasmine just doesn’t love me like she loves him. And I’ll take what I can get at this point even if I’m a peasant in this kingdom the DW invited Jasmine to reign over.

Oh, the sweet taste of improvement.

Oh, and I have some great news! The Dog Whisperer and I are going to start training Jazz for IPO trials. I don’t know how she’ll do because she doesn’t have drive like naughty Nika, or spunk like Memphis, but I’m determined to try. It’ll be great because the DW knows Jazz and he’s familiar with my self-proclaimed learning disabilities as well as my allergy to people.

We’re going to pave a pathway for Jasmine to slither on, and I CAN’T WAIT!

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