One Week Before Certification

These role play scenarios are the worst. Meaning, I’m the worst. I’m dreading the fact that this drill will be on the final evaluation.

DW: “…Okay, so your acting needs to be as good as your writing.”

Me: “…”

(At this point I’m like WHAT YOU JUS’ SAY TO ME, BOY? But of course I didn’t *actually* say that…I’m shy.)

DW: “…”

Me: “I like your shoes.”

DW: “Yeah that’s not acting. I’m just kidding.”

(Was he kidding, though?…)

He wasn’t kidding. I’m awful.

Other than role play scenarios (where my horrific theatrics are put on display in front of the entire class) Saturday went great! Jasmine was a rockstar even with a bum knee. You’ll see in the videos she’s not even limping thanks to her anti-inflammatory medication.

Her operation is scheduled for October 2. Pray for our sweet girl!! In the meantime, the vet recommended to keep her moving as long as she’s comfortable. I’ve been taking her out for potty breaks every day…but that’s about it. Jasmine’s been on lock down and chained to me since she hurt herself. I’m one of those helicopter parents and now (more than ever) I’m paranoid and treating her like a fragile cupcake.

Protection class is pretty much all the exercise she’s getting right now, which isn’t much considering we did a mock exam which consisted of us sauntering around the field for a few minutes and doing two straight-shot bite drills. I sat her out for the rest of class because the rest seemed pretty strenuous…but really, that was just me being paranoid. While Jasmine’s knee appeared stable, I didn’t want to push it.

The vet thinks Jasmine will be able to finish her evaluation, and Jazz did really well for this mock exam, but the DW and I are just going to see how she feels on the 28th. If she’s not in pain, then I’m going to give her the satisfaction of catching them bad guys before she goes under the knife. And this last weekend was a WORLD of difference compared to the week before. My gosh, Jasmine had been limping like a zombie, and I still feel like an idiot thinking it was a sprained toe.

Thank you all for your support and love. Jasmine and I adore each and every one of you. Your emails and DMs keep us going. Stress is my favorite emotion, but this is uncharted territory right now. I’m a freaking mess counting down the days until her operation.

Jazz and I are going to continue vegging out and watching reruns of Outlander. We dunna ken what’s going to happen next week for final evaluations, but my girl is pretty BOSS and I’m proud of her either way. With the DW’s help, I know we’ll get to the finish line whether that be this next weekend, or after she’s recovered from surgery.

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